What News Today

Today is Tuesday, August 31, 2018.

And it’s a good day to ponder the essence of energy. There’s quite a bit around us right now; you can feel it in the air as the heat reflects and electrons charge. Our environment is on a slow burn, bound for a violent flashpoint of pure electrical power. We’re a part of it – a natural part of the world we inhabit. And because of that, the brooding tension and friction of the day creates a heavy sort of personal dissonance.

It’s all about the mojo. And it matters, in the energy our actions and the power of our thoughts.  

Create Positive Energy

With school just two weeks away, now is a good time to begin creating positive energy in our community. Instead of languishing and lazing about, get the kids out and use the remaining time in the pursuit of positive velocity: volunteer for a cause, help people in need or make a new friend. Whatever it is, do it three times before the school bell rings:

  1. Volunteer at the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry
  2. Pick up trash a Silver Lake Regional Park
  3. Help out at the BARN
  4. Make a new friend

Today is Friday, August 10, 2018

And it’s, well, it’s a plain ugly day. Air quality is bad, the heat index is high, and there’s a groundswell of racism and hate bubbling up around us. Here, where great men struggled against the tyranny of the age to build a more perfect — and equal — union, a dark fringe element of hate has overwhelmed, cajoled and bullied conservatism into cowardice. 

Have a Love-In Weekend

It’s a good day to stay indoors and watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix. Or channel Austin Powers, baby! Better yet, go to Ocean City or Rehoboth, eat some fries and escape the madness.  Or just have a barbeque. Whatever. Just make a stand and reject prejudiced thinking, through peaceful actions that show a better way.  

Just stay away from D.C. and Charlottesville. That’s where the ugly is.  


Today is Thursday, August 9, 2018.

And it’s really a sort of stagnant and sweltering kind of day. Thursday is that way normally, right? It’s just gap time between hump day and Friday. No one likes it. The hours crawl. And now, in August, the dear children are getting bored and conflicted: the pool is stupid, they’ve spent enough time on devices, they’re fed up with summer, darn it, but do not want to even think about what looms around the corner.  

Fun is ending. They can sense it. They’re on the downward side of back-to-school.

Escapism at its Best

Put off the reality of September with these silly things to do:

  1. Try out roller skating. That includes you, parents. Get that groove going!
  2. Go to the theater, and then movie hop. Bloat out on too much popcorn and soda.
  3. Challenge the kids to make summer slushies. Then make sure they clean up the mess.

Whatever you do, waste time. Stay cool, and be mellow. Because it’s August, and tomorrow will be exactly like today.  


Today is Wednesday, August 8th, 2018.

And it’s a good day. Granted it’s a typically sweaty day in Northern Virginia. Ugh. But look at the bright side: You’re probably indoors anyway, so why do you care? Later, we’ll get some thunderstorms and cap the day off to a blended chorus of frogs, crickets and cicadas. Another summer day, rolling on by us with a slow and lazy saunter. 

Point is, it’s too hot to bicker. And there’s too much good stuff around us to worry about divisive things like politics. Let the bugs drown out the talking heads and reach out to a friend on the other side. If you’re a liberal, admit that Nancy Pelosi is a little horrifying. If you’re a conservative, confess that Trump is embarrassing. Agree to disagree, then find some common ground. In other words, get along to go along. Gather your lemons and make some lemonade.

The sugar is the love you put into it.

Bored? Three Simple Things

  1. Go to the Haymarket/Gainesville library, then read your newly checked-out books at a local ice cream shop. 
  2. Head over to the Freedom Center or The WARF for some indoor pool and fitness activity.
  3. Stay home and watch movies. I don’t know. Put your phone down and build a fort in the living room with your kid. 

Pithy Advice

Don’t be afraid of not having anything to do.