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Take one night out of the holiday season to walk around Old Town Manassas. The light displays combined with music add another layer of charm to this already enchanting town.

Town of Haymarket Holiday Celebration

Top off your day of holiday parades and merriment with the cozy feeling of community that is unique to this small town. The town of Haymarket welcomes you to their annual Christmas and Holiday Celebration. Just added to the festivities this year is a Christmas Craft Market at the museum and a gingerbread house competition at Town Hall.If you didn’t get…

Haymarket Annual Gingerbread House Competition

How long has it been? Every year, the opportunity presents itself while you’re out and about, and every year you say, “That’s okay, we’ll do it next year.” You’re not prepared. You just don’t think of it until you see it, there, right in front of you. Well, here it is, a big fat gingerbread house reminder. And lucky for you,…

Winter Wanders

  The transition from russet leaves to rosy cheeks will soon be complete. Holiday memory makers and winter wonders to explore are at hand. Check out our Winter Wanders collection of local and semi-local activities. Brave the outdoors or find warm indoor activities that will keep boredom at bay.