Pic to Click

There is a calm, almost serene beauty and grace to the way horses move and interact; a calm assurance that life and all the tugs of war that live within it are only temporary, just fleeting moments of chaos and trouble and stress. There is a greater good. Photo by M. Chee

Adult Soccer in Haymarket

Soccer Bluster

VSA’s Fall Adult season wraps up tonight at Long Park in Haymarket, with Co-Ed Over 30 championship and consolation games. Stay warm! The Winter Indoor Soccer season begins in January. For more information about the league and winter signups, go here.

Diverging from the Plan: Haymarket Interchange Turns Left

In three years, life in Haymarket could be better than ever. Commute times would be shaved by 20 minutes or more; the frustrating (and scary) spectre of waiting, on the side of westbound Interstate 66, would be replaced by one of the nation’s most sophisticated interchange systems. Or it could be worse. Time and planning will tell, but for now…

Traffic and Trains

Just after 4:00pm today, a train struck a vehicle on John Marshall highway in Haymarket. Everyone in the vehicle appeared to be fine. The 15 was closed on both sides of the train tracks adding to the already congested traffic. Vehicles driving south we’re finding it extremely difficult to cross over the 66 due to the new traffic patterns caused…