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P2C: October’s Blaze

Before you know it, the colors will peak and it will be too late to head out of the Haymarket and Gainesville area to see the brilliance of Shenandoah in the Autumn months. For a weekly fall foliage report, visit the Virginia Department of Forestry website.

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Heflin’s Store resides alongside a road winding through rolling countryside farmland, just outside of Haymarket and near The Plains. Built in 1845, this building in the Broad Run – Little Georgetown District served as a general store until the 1970s. If you have an opportunity to take a Sunday drive, set your navigation for 5310 Blantyre Rd. The building sits next to…

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Oh look, how cute! They look like little baby lady bugs… NOT! These are stink bugs and soon enough, you’ll find them flying around your home. Periodically check the underside of leaves, especially on your houseplants.