Spring Flings

If you’re ready for warmer weather and to feel the sweet kiss of the sun on your face, head outside. There are plenty of ways to welcome the spring in […]

Zandra’s Comes to Haymarket

The Wait Will Soon Be Over – Zandra’s Comes to Haymarket Today, I ate the most amazing taco to ever cross my lips. And considering that I hail from close proximity […]

Pic to Click

Oh look, how cute! They look like little baby lady bugs… NOT! These are stink bugs and soon enough, you’ll find them flying around your home. Periodically check the underside of […]

Foxy Yawn – Pic 2 Click

Mama fox taking a stretch after a late afternoon of watching the cubs play. Photo by Christina Chee, lifestyle and real estate consultant who loves to share insights that help […]

Kidwell Farm

A picture of life at Kidwell Farm, a “working demonstration farm” at Frying Pan Park. The park also features an equestrian center with one indoor and two outdoor rings. Well […]