Attention all shutter bugs and painters… the clock has already started ticking on your fall portrait window in the Manassas Battlefields. Stone Bridge is a favorite location for portraits and can be busy this time of year. Come with a strategy.Manassas Stone Bridge

If you dare to venture off the trail just a little to the southern banks, the reflection off of the water adds more wondrous color and is much quieter. This photo was taken in the early evening, just before sunset. Consider bringing a small prop, such as a chair or blanket. A bag of small pumpkins to spread around would add charm. Get creative. They’re your photos. With so many neat photo editing apps now, you can have yourself a fun family outing as well as an album. Go for the less stressful options. Rather than keeping everyone clean and smiling like they mean it, let them straight up legit have fun. Get the kids to pile up the leaves, jump in, kick about, and toss leaves overhead to rain down. (Avoid white clothes.)

Of course, you could hire a professional and get super fabulous, better than the Jones’ photos that everyone will ooh and aah for all of five minutes on social media, or you can actually make some fond memories with the kiddies, animals, and/or special someone that will draw that special time spent together to your heart whenever you look at that photo.

Christina Chee

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