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Brian Chee has spent years learning as much as he can about the auto industry, and then writing about it. He’s reviewed cars and reported from auto shows, covered aftermarket parts and services, produced marketing content for a major automaker, and written a book. Most recently, he chronicled the evolution of the dealership sales model, driven as it is by consumer demand for a faster and friendlier experience. A writer, editor and marketer with experience in every corner of the business, Brian’s resume includes stints at, Cox Automotive, and Volkswagen.

Great Waves Water Park

We have a lot of water park options in Northern Virginia, but this one comes with waves. With a wave machine, you can body surf or just float over the crest […]

First Thing: Rain and Sun

They would crawl out of tents and shanties. breath sending up swirls of steam hands and faces flushed red with cold. Men and boys, women and daughters on hands and […]

First Thing: The LCD

Advertising doesn’t have to be crass. It doesn’t have to appeal to the lowest common denominator, or force someone to “click here” or “call now.” There is direct marketing and […]