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If you drive down Washington Street in downtown Haymarket, you will inevitably see a small sign at the intersection of Washington and Fayette that marks the spot where Haymarket began. As a small town at the crossroads of two important colonial roads, Haymarket has long been a place within hailing distance of the Nation’s centers of political and economic power — yet far enough away to be a quiet hamlet, a world removed.

That remains true to this day.

Haymarket. The town itself is just a small symbol of the crossroads of progress and community that represent this area. From Gainesville to Warrenton and The Plains, this is where the people who make our Nation great come home to family and friends. It has become a uniquely American intersection of diversity, values and experiences, all shared in the shadow of the Blue Ridge foothills, a place where the colonial values of endeavor and community come to life.

It’s our hope that this site will reflect these values by making your life a little better, with helpful local resources and insightful thought. Living at the “Crossroads” is a marvelous experience, and as residents we’d like to share the knowledge we’ve gained and the experiences we’ve had over the years. Over the coming days, and weeks, here’s what you can expect as we build this site.

1. Relevant Content with Unique Insight: You’ll find news about the area that’s actually pertinent to your life, organized for a quick read based on the salient points. No Manassas police reports unless it matters, no constant drip-drip-drip of news that does little more than create anxiety.

2. Valuable Resources: Lots of websites offer links. We go one step further and evaluate the resource, posting only what’s useful. From centers of Faith to family outings, shops, restaurants and government services, if you need help you can find it here.

3. Photos! This is a beautiful place, and we’ll bring it to life with every day photography that showcases life in the area.

Thank you for visiting. We’ll build this site a little every day, so please check back for more updates and information and let us know what you like — and what you don’t.

Brian Chee
Publisher, Colonial Roads

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