Out of Sussex, England, comes a video titled “Embrace Life, Always wear your Seatbelt,” which elegantly whispers the reason why we really ought to use our seatbelts.

Embrace Life, Always Wear Your Seatbelt

The PSA shows a man driving a car and plowing into the side of a…oh, wait. That’s all the other videos about seatbelt use that have attempted to scare us into the act.

Funny thing. All the bloody warnings and graphic threats warning us to wear our seat belts are nothing when compared to reminding us about what it all really comes down to. The moronic Click-it-Or-Ticket, nor any of the other brow-darkened, finger-waving marketing messages out there will ever be as effective as two little beautiful words: Embrace Life.
Because life has a lot to offer. Even yours. So embrace it, watch this video, share it with a friend and buckle up. Why…”the life you save may be your own.”