A Winter Birthday Unlike Any Other

She saw an ad in a magazine. It looked like a castle to her. “Virginia’s Great Dame” it declared. All she knew was that she needed to go to this magnificent place. She requested it for her birthday.

If you’re like me, you grab any idea that comes your way when it comes to celebrating in the cold of winter. It took flipping through several magazines (only after Google let me down) and finally, I figured out that the “Great Dame” she spoke of was none other than the Omni Homestead.

We booked our room, selected our activities, and she asked a friend to come along to help her celebrate. The look on their wide eyed faces upon first seeing the hotel was unforgettable and I don’t think that their jaws re-aligned for at least thirty minutes. As they surveyed the grounds and all that there was to do, they began speaking faster than I could process what they were saying.

“Let’s go to the theater and watch the Christmas movie!”

“After we play bingo. Look at the prizes!”

“Can we dance in the ball room?”

“What about ice skating?” “Skiing?” “Sledding?”

The experience lived up to her dreamy birthday expectations.

We dressed up for dinner and ballroom dancing, watched a movie in the theater, played bingo and checkers, explored the grounds, and of course, swam in the mineral pool. It was a delightful birthday that cost less than I would have spent on a party, not to mention, without the stress. I’m hopeful, we’ll be celebrating more birthdays this way. Perhaps next time, we’ll play in the snow and visit the spa.

Some might think it unfortunate to have a birthday during the holiday season. To a little girl who would rather create a memory than receive another toy, it’s incredibly fortunate.

• What: Overnight trip to the Omni Homestead
• Where: 7696 Sam Snead Hwy, Hot Springs, VA
• When: Winter
• Room Rates: A winter weeknight stay for four before Christmas break starts around $170, after the break, the ski season will be in full swing, with weeknight rates ranges starting around $209-$414. Keep your eyes out for specials.

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Christina Chee

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