Choose the Perfect Rink for You

Finally! It should stay cold enough outside now for some fabulous ice skating. Now, which one?

Who knew that so many factors could come into play when deciding to go ice skating? Perhaps we once took the simplicity of deciding for granted. After all, there was usually only one show in town, which meant one size fits all. That also meant, the only thing to consider was, “To skate or not to skate.”

With so many options for ice skating, ask yourself:

How many children are coming? What are their ages?

If someone gets wet, are we close enough to home or do we need everyone to bring a change of clothes?

If we’re trucking it to a nearby city, what else can we do while we’re there?

Do we want a nearby cafe or place to warm up?

What’s a great half-way location where I can meet my friend?

Do we want someplace picturesque, like the harbor, historical town, or among art sculptures?

Do we want a down and dirty, cheap location that’s easy to get in and out of because little Johnny will only last an hour anyway?

Whether you’re planning an outing for the day or skating on the fly, this list of local ice rinks will help you to quickly decide by comparing pricing and other factors. To plan nearby activities, such as a warm up break or lunch, simply zoom in on the map provided.

Happy skating!

Christina Chee

Christina Chee is a lifestyle and real estate consultant who loves to share insights that help others to live happy and empowered lives in Northern Virginia. Learn more about how you can make your Northern Virginia experience a great adventure — whether you’re new to the region or a life-long resident. Contact her here or visit