Some things are worth the sacrifice of time. The ability to eat and provide fresh produce to your family is one of them. You can find the freshest, healthiest, and best tasting produce at your local farmers’ market. Increasing in popularity, farmers’ markets can be found just about anywhere. They provide residents an opportunity to support local business and help farmers earn a better return.

By shopping local, you remove artificial processes used to hasten ripening. Farmers’ market produce has likely ripened on the vine, was picked at just the right time, and wasn’t exposed to the abuse of transporting a great distance like other highly processed foods.

In addition to fresh produce, farmers’ markets also offer treasures that are unique to the area, such as baked goods, secret recipe foods, and locally harvested honey. They offer you an opportunity to try various foods and vendors that you may have not known about otherwise. Some locations, like Archwood Green Barns, are out in the countryside and make for a lovely afternoon out, with or without the kiddies. 

View our list of farmers’ markets in your neck of the woods. We’ve got you covered.


Christina Chee

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